Out and About: On the North Sea Coast – Wangerland & Leer

The German North Sea Coast is often overlooked by international tourists, in fact, you will struggle to find anyone not speaking German on holiday here. When I was a child, slowly hitting puberty, the area started to seem somewhat backwards, stuck in time, just because of that. The same people every year, the same style of houses everywhere, the same things to do every time, never changing.

Yes, the area around Schillig, Wangerland in Lower Saxony, offers all that but there’s so much more. Farms and fields as far as the eye can see or until it reaches the embankment that stops the raging sea from swallowing the lands during winter storms. Here I was, convinced I had outgrown the family holidays of doing nothing but walking along the extensive beaches and nature reserves, that I had had enough of all the seafood, even of the constant smell of the sea and all it brought with it. Today I can see that I just wasn’t ready to appreciate the relaxation simply being in the moment brings – in fact I was still convinced I’d never go back until I reached the end of my postgrad life. But tackling stress can make you appreciate the small things, and all of a sudden, the sea air, the ever stronger growing winds, the sight of a lighthouse far away at sea let your worries slowly fade away.  View Post

Out and About: Frankfurt’s Green Oasis

Spending time at home helps me to relax and recharge my batteries – but well, most people feel that way. Still, though, whenever I’m home, I also want to make sure that I see something that I haven’t in a while or even go somewhere new. It seems that it took me moving to a different country to become set on seeing everything I could around my hometown.

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